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Effortless Photobooth

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Elite Weddings now offers Effortless Photobooth for events! This Ring Style Photobooth creates effortless high quality images in seconds. After the photo, you can immediately download the images to your smartphone and share to social media and friends. The setup for this only takes a few minutes, and is an outstanding add-on to any wedding, corporate event, and party.

Give your guests the best gift of all - A lifetime gift of memories by allowing them to capture their own high quality photos at your special event. All photos are downloadable after the event and the album can be shared to the Bride and Groom, or the party organizers.

Why use a Photobooth if you have a photographer? Because, we all want professional photos for the bride and groom, AND we all want our own photos that are ready to be shared to social media the night of the big event. This ring style Photobooth comes with a clean and smooth backdrop and fun to use props. Choose from a full table of props as you approach the photobooth. You can also select from many different photo options like the ever popular Boomerang, Photo Collages, and Slow Motion Videos. The interactive screen is an IPad Pro, which has a super simple Photobooth program installed that anybody can operate. The front facing camera on the Ipad Pro captures professional grade photos, and allows you to see yourself before capturing the final product!

All you have to do is click the "Ready" button, and it gives you a countdown timer to get in place, and bring in anybody else that wants to join in the fun! After you are done posing, and the photos are captured, everyone can have their own copy of the photos on their smart device by either scanning the QR code that appears on the IPad, or you can text/email the final results to yourself for sharing. The whole Photobooth album from the night is downloadable, and can be printed off at a local Walgreens at fractions of the cost of using a standalone photo printer. This is how I'm able to keep the cost down, and keep the photos moving!

Join the party with this Photobooth service! Capture timeless moments and show everyone what a blast you are having with new friends, family, and the Bride and Groom. Contact via my website to learn more about booking. Looking forward to an awesome event with Photobooth!

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