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Premier Lighting

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Elite Weddings offers complimentary Dance Floor and Uplighting with every event. Also included with events, if you prefer, is fog effects. The lighting, combined with fog effects, creates an amazing environment which invites everyone out onto the dance floor. Below are some examples of the type of lighting and fog effects you can expect for your big event!

Note - The Uplights you see can be color coordinated to match your wedding theme.

The Legare Waring House in West Ashley, SC

Here is an example of using Up-lights to light up the white underside of the tent. You can also see the purple splash lighting on the ceiling, and colored light aimed at the fountain and dance floor.

The Rice Mill in Downtown Charleston

Splash lighting and color lighting on the dance floor, walls, and ceiling. Uplights can also be used to accentuate the DJ booth (below the speakers) in tight spaces.

Goldbug Island in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Fog effects and splash lighting are both shown here, creating a bit of a dance club type of vibe in a small space around the dance floor. The fog dissipates after a minute or two, and is completely optional.

Private House in Charleston

Two Splash Lights pointed directly at the dance floor, opposite the bride and groom

Pelican Watch on Folly Beach

Splash lighting and uplighting being used here

Crown Plaza Hotel in Charleston

Two Uplights can make a drastic difference in a small room

Hotel Entrance in Downtown Charleston

Fog being used to create big entrances

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